WordPress Tips for Security and Speed


WordPress Tips, we get the chance to look into the dashboard of many different WordPress sites for businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries.  For the most part these sites are well maintained, but occasionally we do see room for improvement.  There are a handful of WordPress tips you can use to keep

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Avoid NULLED themes or plugins in your WordPress ASAP!!!


I was a fan of using nulled and cracked software when I was in my first Job and a little knowledge about wordpress. I used to experiment with various software, download demos and apply so-called cracks and use full versions for a while, then uninstall them search for latest version and so on till I

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Mistakes When Using WordPress WooCommerce


WordPress WooCommerce is the best shopping cart and E-commerce platform. And it’s easy to install and set up for your store. But even though, when starting to get familiar with WordPress, you probably will have some trouble with it. If you don’t take the right steps to ensure that your store runs at maximum capacity, you will

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Magento Vs Woocommerce – Which one is better?


There are so many different online selling platforms you can choose from, and they all offer different features, pricing plans, integrations, and more, so we’ve put together some comparison guides to help you make a decision.  We are going to look at two of the very popular marketplaces: Magento and WooCommerce. Obviously, they both have

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SEO Benefits of Using Accelerated Mobile Pages


What is AMP? A backend project of Google termed Accelerated Mobile Pages, which makes the loading of web pages faster on mobile devices is now sought by all publishers as an open standard. Web pages using AMP coding standards are ranked better when searched over the search engines. The coding way is referred to as

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How can you boost your WordPress SEO?


Did you wonder how can you boost your Wordpress SEO without any SEO service provider? Yes you can just a simple installation of this recommended plugins it will help you boost your SEO. Yoast Plugin This plugin help you to modify your meta title, description, sitemap xml and etc. Meta title and description this is important

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5 Best Plugins to Secure Your WordPress Website in 2018


Today, I plan to share a few plugins to help you website owners to secure your website. Security is a hot topic to all WordPress users, some WordPress users are not security experts but we all want to do what we can do to protect our sites. Below are some of the most used security

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How To Increase Revenue With Your Ecommerce Site


Running an ecommerce site is a full time job (likely a job in addition to your other job or brick and mortar store), so it can be difficult to figure out how to increase your revenue without increasing the cost of your products. If you’re struggling to figure out some additional ways to increase revenue, we’ve come up with

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How to build your own shortcode in WordPress?


Did you wonder that you can easily build up a shortcode in wordpress not using any plugin. Using to much plugin can cause too much resource in your website that lead slow performance consider see this blog post for more information How to Speed Up Your WordPress Page Speed? I will guide you how to

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