WordPress Benefits


Wordpress Benefits - we build most of our sites with WordPress as we find it to be very user friendly for us and our clients. WordPress acts as a very powerful content management system (CMS), storing images, audio, video, pdfs and other documents for easy use on all of your website pages. Easy to Use

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Is Social Media New Tool For Success Of Startups?


In the Technology driven world, business experts reveal confidence in technically advanced tools. The effective instruments that have taken over the world have changed the way in which the businesses and the society in general work.  SMO Services is one such effective platform which has the power to change the way in which startups operate.

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SEO Impact of Google AMP


SEO Impact of Google AMP if mobile mania is not here yet, you can bet your life it will be. With smartphones as the most popular way to access the internet, along with the continued rise of mobile ad revenue, predicting the increased role of mobile-friendly sites doesn't exactly require a prophet. It also doesn't

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More than 2,000 WordPress websites are infected with a keylogger


There was a report that more than 2,000 Wordpress website are now infected by the keylogger. Yes beware that this type of inject script code are now spreading out there and it may affect your website. As what sucuri said here. Lately, a bunch of safety researchers have found greater than 2,000 WordPress websites contaminated with

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