Well based on my experience there is a ton about why freelancer was being my best option that I chose to switch my career as an employee from a certain company. Yes, you read it right my first job was in the year 2012 I started as an employee in Webtek in the position of a web developer. This was my first experience building a website yes I don’t know much with regards to building any website yet but I can able to adopt it because I had a great knowledge in terms of coding PHP, VB.net, etc. This helped me to survive this company, but yes well this was also my worst first job ever. I will share my experience currently working as a web developer right but a lack of personnel that lead me to do outside of web developing I became a delivery man would deliver their fixed laptop and CCTV oh I didn’t mention what is Webtek it was all about Computer Services and CCTV equipment. That was my worst experience had to remember I just waiting to end my 6 months contract and going to find another job.

Okay, my end contract with the first job had been settled and luckily after that, I found my 2nd Job well yes I am also an employee in Quap Accent composed of 10 employees including me. This was great because the team focus on web development which had no CCTV or fixing laptops. This company had 3 bosses so we are separated. My team are working with web development this was my first experience using Magento well what I say I can adapt easily and my boss is amazed at my skills. Well, there is the worst part also in this company this 3 boss had been separated due to financial issue. Well, I had been assigned to my 2 bosses now I mention it, these 2 bosses are married to each other so there is no need to be confused about why they are not separated. They built their own company and called it Code more. My Skill had been improving in web development also got an award for being Developer of the year, because of my outstanding performance. But what I said there was no forever and then again financial issue they need to cost-cutting, because I had the highest salary among my team they decided to remove me that was the sad part.

Now, what happened, yes this is the journey that I became a freelancer, I had knowledge, and skill and I know that I can do this. My luck doesn’t come out first try in an onlinejob.ph I found 1 client from Singapore and my position there well obvious web developer using Magento. I need to have a good performance because this was my first job as a freelancer and I am doing great. Then I tried to have another job luckily one of my friend’s freelancers also introduced me, to Tilden, a company that works with WordPress maintenance and services. I tried to have two jobs and great I can handle it. Well as a freelancer I need to explore better I successfully finish my project for 1 of my client in Singapore and need to find another job. Then I found out Upwork was best in handling freelancers but well this was not an easy step it was hard to find a client here for almost a month can’t find client I almost give up but then my perseverance had been paid I found 1 from Australia and she was nice because she helps me improve my Upwork profile. After how many years and you can see my upwork that it is now a Top Ratings and had a lot of good feedback because of hard work. What I can say, is now I never send any proposal the clients are now inviting me instantly for an interview.

So what is freelancer good about with other companies that I work for, no financial issues as if you just need multiple clients to have a competitive salary? Time management has your own time to manage. Last freedom if you want to work or not this is your own decision.