Create a floating share button without a plugin.


Hello I am here again and I am going to teach how to create a sticky share button without a plugin this is easy you just need a basic html, simple wordpress function, css and javascript to do this. Also you need the icoomon icons well this is pretty indeed when you done applied it.

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How to create your own shortcode safe and clean in WordPress?


Hi there, I will teach how to create your own shortcode in wordpress in a secure way and very clean code. Well it was easy to create your own shortcode but did you consider it safe and clean? Well old traditional way we code it in the function.php as example like this right? function client_shortcode(

How to create your own shortcode safe and clean in WordPress?2020-05-30T04:16:16+00:00

Bulma Free, open source, and modern CSS framework based on Flexbox


Did you ever use Bulma as your CSS Framework? I usually used bootstrap as for css layout, because this is easy to used and easy to make responsive layout to the website. Then I meet this Bulma and what I say this was more powerful and more flexible than bootstrap with regards layout, responsive, button

Bulma Free, open source, and modern CSS framework based on Flexbox2020-05-06T10:35:25+00:00

WPBB Creating a plugin more secured way


Base on my experience For security I always used OOP here, Object Oriented Programming, which you will usually use a Class as blueprint of your functionality and interface you can learn OOP here when you are not familiar. What is WPBB? WORDPRESS PLUGIN BOILERPLATE - a standardised, organised, object oriented foundation for building high -

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Introducing WP Rig The Progressive WordPress Theme Rig


Base on my Experience When I am currently in my job I encounter a theme that they are using is called WP Rig. This is awesome, because all the code here are optimised and clean code. All the JS and css are automatically minified and also images are automatically converted to a lazy load features.

Introducing WP Rig The Progressive WordPress Theme Rig2019-05-16T14:29:21+00:00

Read the Query String Node.Js


The function passed into the http.createServer() has a req argument that represents the request from the client, as an object (http.IncomingMessage object). This object has a property called "url" which holds the part of the url that comes after the domain name: var http = require('http'); http.createServer(function (req, res) { res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/html'}); res.write(req.url); res.end(); }).listen(8080); Save the code

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Using An Exit Intent Listener To Manage Popups On A Page


Not too long ago I wrote a tutorial titled, Create an Email Subscription Popup with jQuery, that demonstrated how to create popup modals within your web application. In this example the modals were presented on a timer. If you hadn’t noticed, and I think most people did, The Polyglot Developer was using those modals for newsletter

Using An Exit Intent Listener To Manage Popups On A Page2019-04-24T12:39:38+00:00

Node.js Modules


What is a Module in Node.js? Consider modules to be the same as JavaScript libraries. A set of functions you want to include in your application. Built-in Modules Node.js has a set of built-in modules which you can use without any further installation. Look at our Built-in Modules Reference for a complete list of modules. Include Modules

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How Node.Js Work in AWS


I am starting learning how node js work I made a first video how this will work in aws or amazon server. Once I am done and configure it correctly I will start my own chat API using node js.  Learning is fun when you have the passion to do it :). Here is the

How Node.Js Work in AWS2019-04-17T12:13:28+00:00

Convert a putty .ppk key to an Amazon .pem file on OSX


This article will show you how to generate a .pem file from an existing .ppk key. 1. Install putty on your mac Done easily with homebrew. $ brew install putty 2. Generate the keyWe will use puttygen to generate the key. $ puttygen key.ppk -O private-openssh -o key.pem key.ppk: the original file name/path. -O private-openssh: the output type. private-openssh is used to save an

Convert a putty .ppk key to an Amazon .pem file on OSX2019-04-10T09:03:14+00:00

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