Only 36% of Small Businesses Have an SEO Strategy in 2019


Only 36% of Small Businesses Have an SEO Strategy in 2019, Even as People Use Search Engines to Research and Purchase Online. Monday, March 18th, 2019 Thirty-six percent (36%) of small businesses have an SEO strategy, and 38% more plan to invest in SEO in the future, according to a new survey from Clutch, the leadings

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My Journey to Became a Freelancer


Well based on my experience there are a ton about why freelancer was being my best option that I choice to switch my career as a employee from a certain company. Yes you read it right my first job was in a year of 2012 I started as employee in Webtek as position of web

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Describe Magento 2 Module Base Architecture


POINTS TO REMEMBER • There are five areas: adminhtml, frontend, base, webapi_rest, webapi_soap and cron. Not all areas are always available. For instance, the cron area is only used when running cron jobs. • The three necessary files to bootstrap a module are registration.php, etc/module.xml and composer.json. Overview Magento 2’s module-based architecture keeps that

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How to install WordPress in AWS (Amazon EC2) Bitnami


Well my website is powered by Amazon and I am the one who installed this and configured it. Installing wordpress in the AWS is easy. First you need to create an account of course and take note you need to add billing to start creating instance. Click here to create an account. Once you have

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What is WordPress?


WordPress is an open source blogging software developed and maintained by the folks at Automattic. Open source blogging software have many advantages. For one, its cost or rather, no cost to users like you and me. Access to the source code is free and unlimited too. This means that we are allowed to customize the software as much as

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WordPress Plugins for Beginners Bloggers + SEO


Wordpress Plugins for Beginners Bloggers + SEO. When I started to create a blog in wordpress there are lot of missing functionality that I needed. So I begun exploring this wordpress and I found there are certain plugins that can help you build a better blogging system in your own website. WHAT IS A PLUGIN?

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About My Work

About my work as a freelancer most of my work was white label so you cannot see in my recent work portfolio you can visit my upwork  for more details what I can do, to your projects.

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