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6 years experience in the field of web development. Rewarded as Developer of the Year in previous company Codemore, because of an outstanding performance and successfully project completed. Expert in wordpress and magento, usual project that worked are almost Australian based. Can build and modify plugins and extension both wordpress and magento. Know a little Node Js, because was used to build a sms notification. Know MVC like Cake PHP, Laravel and Phalcon use it mostly when building websites which focus more on security. Know SEO, SERP and how to rank up websites in search engines.

Work at Stewart Media position here is SEO specialist. Role is to fix meta, structured data and other errors related to SEO. Tried to be a freelancer, because I know that I need more skills to develop and could help other companies to provide more proficient, secured and best code experience. Here is My Journey to became a freelancer.

Developer of the Year

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WEB • White Label Branding • UX/UI

Because I am very expert in web developing I can customize any module, plugin themes and etc. I have good feedback in upwork and my previous agency. Highest score in upwork test Magento, WordPress and SEO. I am fully package that you need with your company or project. You can view my own tutorial with regards creating a certain wordpress plugin here Creating My Own WordPress Plugin Playlist. I already published 1 plugin in the wordpress.org this one Amelia Shortcode Extended.


Recent Work

WEB • White Label Branding • UX/UI

Usually as a freelancer mostly of my work was white label
which you cannot found under my recent work.

Laurince was great, he knew exactly what to do and delivered a targeted solution. A++++

Steven Brough

We just started working with Laurince and so far he has done everything that we have asked of him in a timely manner. His communication is good and he delivered on time. We are hiring him again for the next job.

Edwina Deen

Laurince was very good at completing all jobs that was given to him. He always made time to compelte work that is urgent and is a pleasure to deal with.

Sam Mendoza

First class, a real wizz with API’s. This was not an easy task but Laurince saw it through. Very happy with the result. $10 Bonus.

Steven Brough

Laurince came through for us and we are so happy to work with him. Good man, VERY smart and VERY talented. Knows a lot of stuff – experienced. He is personable and cheerful. What more could you want?

Andrew Mouwad
Laurince is fantastic to work with. I am setting up a new hourly contract with him to stay on as my on-going developer.
Warwick Levy, Lonely Kids Club

Upwork Top Rated

Doing Great with the clients
Upwork Top Rated

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About My Work

About my work as a freelancer most of my work was white label so you cannot see in my recent work portfolio you can visit my upwork  for more details what I can do, to your projects.

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