Love is unpredictable. We don’t know when it would strike, where it would strike and whom it will strike. One day we will wake up and found ourselves looking at someone and imagining the “what ifs”: what if we will be having a relationship? What if she will smile at me? What if she accidentally bumps on me? Strange ideas do come in mind.

Love is a sweet feeling but it can also be bitter sweet, for there is a very painful kind of love. A kind of love that everyone might have or might be experienced, it is called a one side love. It comes in many ways, it can be in situation where you love someone she is indifferent to you or doesn’t feel exactly what you are feeling. You try your very best to be noticed, just to strike a conversation just to let her smile at you. You tend to be aggressive and compose at the same time. You’re itching for her attention, you want to grab her and hold her tight but she’s far from your reach. She might be physically near but she’s feelings for you is light year from your existence.

You tend to daydream, you tend to make believe, and you tend to hope that someday you’ll end up together that someday she will be able to return your feelings. That is where the pain starts, you keep on holding to such matters that every move she makes is a big matter for you. You keep on expecting but nothing happens. You are there, a background for a relationship that would never seem to shatter. But still, you’re not ready to give up even though the conclusion is already implied that you would never be together but you’re still there hoping that the story would shift from her to you. Every kisses and hugs, every glances and smiles contribute to the thousands of arrows of pain being struck to you.

You would say I’m happy for you, You guys are so sweet, I’m letting you go, If you don’t feel the same way about me then go. Those words keep ringing in your head but still you’re holding on the quote “if we’re meant to be then you would come back to me”. A one sided love story, a story of endless struggles of being noticed, of trying to impressed, of trying hard, of waiting, of hoping, of loving, and of taking as much pain as you can take in.