Base on my experience

For security I always used OOP here, Object Oriented Programming, which you will usually use a Class as blueprint of your functionality and interface you can learn OOP here when you are not familiar.

What is WPBB?

WORDPRESS PLUGIN BOILERPLATE – a standardised, organised, object oriented foundation for building high – quality wordpress plugins. I tried this and what I can say, it easy to understand and easy way to build your plugin as OOP. You can try it here in there official websites WORDPRESS PLUGIN BOILERPLATE.

File Structured

Here is the file structured so you can understand what are in the file

You can rename the plugin what ever you want which are indicated there as a proper naming space should be “-“. Example my-important-plugin. As you can see here I rename the plugin.

Well when renaming a plugin you should rename all of the files in the functionality as standardisation.

If I have a time I will going to make a video tutorial here so you can understand it more, this is powerful and build for more in OOP experience and will greatly secured your plugin app or projects.